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Arizona Hunting

Trophy Outfitters offers  Trophy hunts in Arizona's White Mountains. Our Hunting Lodge is located in the central eastern side of Arizona and is equipped for even the most discriminating clientele.

Our Arizona Hunting Lodge Offers: Elk, Mule Deer, Coues Deer, Mountain Lion, Black Bear and Turkey.

High Quality Limited Draw Arizona Archery Elk

The white mountains of Arizona is world famous for some of the biggest trophy bull Elk anywhere! This archery hunt takes place in the peak of the rut  with the average bulls scoring 340 P/Y and opportunities on bulls up to 400.


Price (1 X 1): $7450.00
(minimum payment): $3725

Price (1 X 2): $6450.00
(minimum payment): $3225


ARIZONA OFFERS GREAT OPPORTUNITIES FOR TROPHY BULLS. The White Mnts. of Arizona are famous for producing huge bulls and that is where we hunt.

BULL QUALITY: Excellent ! The big ones come out of the deep woods on this hunt. Most bulls taken will score between 310 and 350 B/C, all though every year we will take several 370 plus.

ELK POPULATION: We have great elk numbers and our bull cow ratio is high. Country is very glassible we will find and kill bulls on this hunt.

HUNTING TECHNIQUES: The rifle hunt catches the tail end of the rut some bugling still going on, We will do a lot of glassing to find the bull that we want then plan our stalk.

SUCCESS RATIO: 90% most years if you hunt hard you will get opportunities at good bulls.

TERRAIN: Mountains and canyons, Pine into Juniper country. Elevations from 6500 to 8000 ft levels, Temperatures fron 20 to 65 degrees.

ACCOMMODATIONS: Lodge or first class wall tent camps depending on area drawn. Full time cook excellent meals, We may spike it out if the bull are deep! 

HUNT DATES:  Arizona offers an early season with just a few tags usually in early October. Our best hunt is the late season usually the last week in November  




Price (1 X 1): $7450.00
(minimum payment): $3725

Price (1 X 2): $6450.00
(minimum payment): $3225


I am sure most of you have heard about the huge fires in Arizona lpast summer. 550,000 acres were burned. We hate to see that happen , but what fantastic hunting this area is going to be. The forest service seeded the entire burn and with the late summer rains the feed is waist high and i have seen such incredible new growth. With this new feed , this area will be some of the best deer and elk habitait in the USA. We are going to take some huge bucks out of this area and the best part my hunting lodge sits right in the niddle of it!

HUNT DATES : October - November  5 hunting days

Buck Quality 160 to 190 B/C class deer

License fee: approx, $300

ACCOMMODATIONS : First class lodge, private cabins all meals included


Price (1 X 1): $5950.00
(minimum payment): $2975

Price (1 X 2): $4950.00
(minimum payment): $2475


Trophy Cougar Hunting is one of the most exciting and thrilling hunting experiences that you will ever go on! Taking you into some of the most remote and scenic wilderness left today. It is accomplished by the use of highly trained hound dogs with big game bloodlines dating back 100 years.  We ride horseback or walk, helping the dogs while they trail the elusive mountain lion throughout his previous nights hunt, to where he is laid up on his kill or waiting the daylight hours out on some mountainous boulder or ledge.  We realize that most hunters only take one cougar in their lifetime.  That is why a 100-percent effort  is put forth to  make your cougar hunt a success and an enjoyable lifetime memory.


 Cougar Quality - Excellent, we take toms up to 200Ibs.  and over 8 feet.  The average would be 140 Ibs.  7 feet in length.

 Cougar Quantity - Excellent, there are a lot of lion in New Mexico and Arizona.  

Success Ratio - 90% most years.

Hunt Method - January thru March with snow conditions, 4 wheel drive, 4 wheelers.   April dry ground conditions, horseback, 4 wheel drive, foot.

Hunt Accomodations - First class lodge, private cabins, all meals included.

Terrain -  Mountain snow, canyons, rim rock.  You need to be in good shape for the snow hunt and moderate shape for the dry ground hunt.

License fee - $290.00

HUNT DATES January to April 7 hunting days



Price (1 X 1): $7500
(minimum payment): $3750

Price (1 X 2): $6500
(minimum payment): $3250


TROPHY BEAR HUNT:  Bear hunting the  way it was done a hundred years ago,  with hounds and some grit!.

  This kind of hunting really gets your blood up and takes you back to hunting in its purest form like it is supposed to be done , Not sitting over some bait pile.

 I can garentee you an hunting esperance that you will never forget ,  as we take you through some of the most remote and scenic country in the southwest.

 We have some huge bears! Infact we just took the pending New Mexico State record Bear this year, what a monster with a score of 22 5/16 Bear was over 20 years old so that tells you of our quality!

HOUND HUNT: We take you into the remote Gila wilderness after trophy bears with hounds. You will learn to navigate through wildness canyons and mountains in persut of the trophy bears, as the hounds trail and bay these big brutes, it will then be up to you to get in there  and claim your trophy just like the mountain men and all the famous hunters did 100 years ago , You will feel this rush and adrenaline packed action and most call it a hunt of a lifetime . I know I do and every hunt is an adventure!

THE SPOT AND STALK TROPHY BEAR HUNT: For those of you that are not into horses or hounds but want to take a trophy bear in true form, We have some excllent areas that we glass thes big bears up and put the stalk on them . This season we boast a 100 % success ratio and some really big bears!


LOCATION : Private and public lands southwest NM and eastern AZ




Price (1 X 1): $4950.00
(minimum payment): $2475

Price (1 X 2): $4450.00
(minimum payment): $2225


WOW this is one of my favorite hunts ! we get to hunt this big bucks during the rut. Arizona offer this hunt in the month of January when our bucks are in full rut , You will get opportunities on some great buck from 150 to 190 P/Y Awesome hunt!  


Price (1 X 1): $4950
(minimum payment): $2475

Price (1 X 2): $3950
(minimum payment): $1975

Spring Turkey Hunt

4 Hunting Days, includes Lodging and Meals. Our Spring hunt is conducted in NM or AZ on public and private lands if you draw a tag in AZ,  New Mexico we can buy them over the counter no draw required . Our lodge is on the state line so we can easily hunt either state or both if you have tags.

Lodging and meals are first class usually we kill a 100% if available an additional bird may be harvested for $500


Price (1 X 1): $2250.00
(minimum payment): $1125

Price (1 X 2): $1850.00
(minimum payment): $925

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